outdoor living space


With Southern California’s balmy weather, indoor-outdoor living is not only possible, it’s practical. Titan can assist you in designing and building your outdoor living space.  Adding more outdoor living space provides a place to entertain friends and family, a place to relax and enjoy nature, and it’s even likely to increase the value of your home.  Enjoy California’s sunny weather with your new deck, where you can entertain, relax, and simply enjoy the fresh air.  Imagine a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors through a new sliding glass door, patio, or deck – now add in an outdoor grill, fire pit, water feature, and patio furniture – and you will feel a sense of “expansive living.”  How about a new patio cover for shade, or a new gazebo with trellis and vines, to add ambiance for your new outdoor space?  There are many ways to landscape your new outdoor living space, including low-maintenance, drought tolerant plants (save water, energy money), edible landscape (save money on food), or artificial turf (save water, energy money).



Deck platforms are typically made of wood (Redwood, Douglas Fir, Cedar), or low-maintenance composite (wood/plastic mixture). Decks are oiled, stained or painted, and can be built as high as you want.


Patio pavers are typically laid on the ground and are made of flagstone, pavers, wood or other hardscaping material.  A deck that steps down to a patio is an inviting space.


Patio covers, gazebos, and pavilions add much needed shade on hot, sunny days.   You can even install a solar patio cover, and produce your own energy with solar panels, while enjoying the shade.


Sliding glass doors or french doors that open to the patio or deck allow more natural light to enter the house, and provide a more “expansive living” feel.  Since sliding glass doors are about twice the width of standard doorways, it provides more space to move large objects (furniture, appliances) in and out of the house, and more visibility to keep an eye on the kids playing in the backyard.


If you like to entertain or eat healthy, having a built-in outdoor grill for grilling your favorite meats and vegies is a necessity, and it’s is sure to be a hit with family and friends as well.  The intense heat of the fire sears the outside of the food and keeps the delicious juices and flavors inside.


Water features like ponds, waterfalls, streams, and fountains add many intangible benefits to your home’s landscaping, including: aesthetic appeal, the soothing sounds of running water, an environment for pet Koi, an attraction for birds, and a play area for children and adults alike.


Installing a fire feature in your landscaping provides a focal point for any gathering, and elicits friendly conversation.  Fire features include fire pits, fireplaces, pizza ovens, chimineas, and torches, and can use different types of fuel (wood, artificial logs, natural gas, propane gas, bio-fuels, lava rocks, glass stones).


Gazebos with a rooftop offer protection from the sun and rain, and allow outdoor living year round.  They provide an intimate space for quiet reflection, reading or working, conversation, a hot tub or fire pit, and even a beautiful spot for wedding vows. Gazebos can also be open air or partial shade, and are often installed over a patio space.


In California’s drought conditions, it’s more important than ever to conserve water, energy and money, when it comes to landscaping.  To reduce the need for watering your landscape, install a deck or patio, and use drought tolerant plants (desert succulents, cactus), or artificial turf, wherever possible.