patio cover


Titan offers patio cover installation. Patio covers are a wonderful way to increase shade and rain protection, and allow for more year-round use of the patio and outdoor entertainment. There are many types of patio covers, including solar canopy, pergola, patio cover, gazebo, pavilion, shade sails.  A tip: to make your patio area even more comfortable, consider adding recessed lighting, string lighting, a fire pit, a water mister, or a ceiling fan.



Solar patio covers serve a dual purpose:  solar energy to cut down your electric bills, and shade and rain protection for your patio.  Solar patios can be waterproof or not waterproof, and built with solid panel or translucent glass panels with the solar cells embedded inside, that let some sunlight through.


A pergola is a wooden, free-standing square structure with rafters that is open to the sky and nature.  Pergolas are used to cover walkways, and provide semi-shelter for seating areas.


A patio cover is similar to a pergola, except that it is attached to the house.  One of the benefits is that a patio cover can provide immediate weather protection as soon as you step out of the house.


Gazebos are shaped in an 8-sided form of an octagon, with a domed roof, no walls, and supported by 8 columns. Gazebos are a classic garden addition, and are great as a picnic space, or place for meditation and relaxation.


A pavilion patio cover is similar to a house roof, without any walls.  A pavilion patio is larger than a gazebo or pergola, and is great for a gathering of family and friends, entertaining, picnics, relaxing, and staying out of the sun while enjoying the garden.


Shade sails are a patio covering made of outdoor fabric that is stretched in a sail pattern on engineered metal poles, to provide shade for a seating area.  Shade sails have straight and curved lines which offer an interesting architectural look.


Lattice has been used in garden arbors and arches as a climbing structure for flowering vines for centuries. When it is used as a patio covering, it is made of wood with thin strips that crisscross in a lattice shape.