patio enclosure


Titan provides patio enclosures. If you already have a patio (or porch or deck), and you would like to enclose it for protection from shade, bugs or weather, Titan can help.  A screened patio, a sun room (windows for walls) or a solarium (windows for walls – and roof), provides year round enjoyment of your yard and gardens, and gives additional square footage for your living space.  An enclosed patio provides more climate control, privacy, noise reduction, and is maintenance free. With a sun room or solarium, plan on regular glass cleaning maintenance.

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If you want to keep insects out and provide shade, installing a structure around your patio, and screening it, will allow the natural breeze to flow through.  At tip, black aluminum screens are practically invisible.


If you want to be able to enjoy your patio in the hot summer months as well as the cool, rainy winter months, a four season sun room can be built by adding a structure with windows.  As far as maintenance is concerned, the glass should be cleaned periodically. A tip, use double or triple-pane glass windows and roof/wall insulation for more energy efficiency.   


A solarium is covered top to bottom, roof to walls, with glass or windows. You will be able to see the sun, moon, and stars with no hindrance.  Your solarium can serve as a sitting room, entertainment space, or even a greenhouse, without being exposed to the elements. Glass rooftops need regular weekly maintenance to keep clean.