There are many types of plaster, including gypsum, lime, cement, fibrous, and exterior fire proofing.  It can be used as a coating for interior walls, as a binder for brick walls, or as a sculpted material for moldings, ceilings, or frescoes.  One of the most common applications is when building interior walls. Instead of drywall or sheet rock, use plaster, because it is harder, durable, and long lasting (it can last for centuries).  It can also be molded into intricate decorations for paneling, moldings, cornices, and trim, etc.  Fire proofing plaster is used as an exterior coating on walls and chimney areas.



Plaster offers a textured wall surface (rather than a flat surface like drywall) that can be colorized, and better sound acoustics. Plaster work is a specialized artistic craft. To apply it, an expanded metal mesh is placed over wood, or blue board, and it is applied with a trowel. The plaster can be worked into a smooth or textured surface, depending on your preference.


Plaster moldings can be made in beautiful intricate shapes and designs, and can be customized to your aesthetic taste.  The moldings will not shrink, expand, or warp; they are non-toxic, fireproof, and have a timeless elegance.


Plaster ceiling panels can be designed and manufactured to order, or custom built onsite.  Old world designs like Tudor rose, thistle, coffered, and gothic – evoke images of the castles and cathedrals of Europe.