solar hot water


Titan provides solar hot water system installations. Solar energy offers many environmental benefits: 1) energy independence, 2) use less fossil fuels and lower your carbon footprint, and 3) use a renewable resource.  Installing solar hot water saves energy and money, because you can get the solar tax credit, depreciation, and a CSI rebate.  Solar hot water (solar thermal) systems heat up the temperature of water with the sun’s energy. There are two main types of solar hot water systems.  In a close-coupled or “compact” system, the water storage tank is mounted above the solar thermal collectors (panels). In this type of system, the hot water naturally rises to into the tank through convection flow.  In a “pump circulated” system, the water storage tank is mounted on the ground or floor, below the level of the solar thermal collectors. In this system, a circulating pump moves water (or glycol fluid) between the tank and collectors.  The temperature of heated water the solar system can deliver varies according to outside temperatures, solar gain, and time of year. In winter time, there may not be enough solar gain to deliver hot enough water – so an electric or gas boiler may be needed to heat the water if it falls below a certain temperature.  The boiler can be an energy efficient tank less wall mounted model, as long as it accepts pre-heated water.



Most flat plate copper collectors are typically made with a tempered glass top that covers a sunlight heat absorbent aluminum that is welded to copper pipes.  The collector is sealed and insulated to prevent heat loss. The water (or fluid) enters the collector through a horizontal pipe on the bottom and travels through vertical pipes as it heats up, to a horizontal pipe on the top of the collector, where it exits.


Evacuated tube collectors are made by inserting one concentric glass tube into another, and then adding a vacuum between them.  This effectively insulates the hot water to prevent heat loss, as it travels through the inner tube.  The tubes are made of hardened glass which can be broken by hail, trees, or debris. In general, flat plate collectors can be more efficient than evacuated tube collectors.


Plastic solar hot water collectors are commonly used for outdoor pool or spa heating.  The collectors are used to heat water and then pump it back into the pool.  With a solar pool heating system, you can extend your swim season into spring and fall, and cut your energy bills.


A solar hot water system can send heated water through copper coils encased in concrete beneath your floorboards, to heat up the floor.  In addition, solar hot water can be used to heat radiators on the wall, or baseboards.