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Texture coatings bend and stretch with your home, as the temperature fluctuations make your home expand and contract. The Stretch Guard coating is elastomeric which means it can flex up to 400%, and seal the cracks in your home’s stucco. These cracks are caused by temperature changes, and vibrations from roads, construction or earthquakes. Once the stucco is cracked, water can seep inside and cause mold and wood rot, unless a waterproof coating is applied.  The elastomeric coating is so flexible that it fills in all hairline cracks and is so durable, that it prevents future cracking of the stucco.

Titan applies the Tex-Cote Coolwall coating to the exterior of your home to reflect the sun’s high temperatures away from your home, and to reduce the need for air conditioning inside the home. Due to their ability to reflect light, these pigments can lower surface temperatures by as much as 40-degrees Fahrenheit*, when compared to traditional paints and coatings in many colors. In addition to the energy savings, this coating features a full palette of beautiful colors to enhance any home style.



Titan offers Stretch Guard® elastomeric coating. Stretch Guard® is an elastomeric coating composed of Acrylic resin that has several advantages over traditional paint, primarily because it stretches and flexes with the building during temperature fluctuations.  Stretch Guard coating looks like paint, but it is a thick and waterproof coating that freely expands or contracts depending on weather and temperature conditions.  The durable waterproof coating protects stucco, masonry and concrete structures from cracking and water damage. Lifetime Plus Stretch Guard is environmentally friendly, dirt and fire resistant, resistant to wind driven rains (Passes ASTM E96, TTC – 555- B), breathable (ASTM-E-96- 12.5 perms), highly adhesive and flexible, chip and flake resistant, low maintenance, and it covers hairline cracks.


Titan offers Tex-Cote texture coating.  Built-in toughness and flexibility make TEX – COTE provides a weather shield to protect your home from sun, winds, rain (withstand 98 mph wind driven rain), mildew, heat and house movement because of Tex-Cote flexibility properties. All these features will keep the “brand new” look for your home for years and years. Tex-Cote ® Coolwall® systems offer homeowners one of today’s most reliable and beautiful solutions to protecting their home’s exterior. Not only is Tex-Cote ® Coolwall® 10 times thicker on average than ordinary paint, it also contains special reflective pigments – the same type of pigments used by the U.S. government to cool ships, and provide both reflectivity and reduced radar signature in Stealth bombers.