variable speed pool pump


Although variable speed pool pumps are usually more expensive than traditional pumps, traditional pool pumps can burn a tremendous amount of energy (and money) because they are typically working 24/7 all year round, and since they run at only one or two speeds, they use more energy than is required to circulate pool water.  With a variable speed pool pump, you can use less energy to run systems that require less energy, like filtering water, because slower pump speeds save energy and money. A well designed variable speed pool pump can typically reduce energy usage from 30% to 70% annually, but there are many variables that affect the amount of energy savings such as pool volume, ambient temperature, water quality and filtration, pool covering, soiling from trees and dirt, and accessories like fountains, cleaners, and waterfalls.

Variable speed pool pumps can be programmed to deliver the set amount of flow for each task (suction-side pool cleaner, waterfall, spa jets); and some pumps have software that automatically adjusts speed and flow.   Variable pool pumps reduce noise level due to slower speeds, and reduce wear and tear on filters, heaters, chlorinators and other equipment that water flows through.  Click this link for a government study to see how much a variable speed pool pump saves on energy, as compared to a traditional pool pump.

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