wrought iron


Titan offers wrought iron installation. As early as the 13th Century, blacksmiths have been working iron, but what is commonly referred to as “wrought iron” is actually made of mild steel today.  Wrought iron is used to make guard rails, gates and fences, security doors, and window bars; it is durable, secure, and low maintenance, and can be quite beautiful.  Wrought iron gates, fences, doors and windows resist home invasion, termites, and all weather conditions.  Wrought iron can be combined with stone and wood for beautiful results (old fashioned hinges and latch on a heavy wood door, a metal fence with stone columns, and an ornate entry gate with stone bookends). For stair railings, wrought iron can be customized to fit any size stairway or hallway, and you can choose from a wide variety of designs, or create your own unique design.  Outdoor wrought iron has a weatherized coating that is rust resistant and rot proof, and it should be re-coated periodically.



Wrought iron gates have a decorative stately appearance, and yet are very durable and secure.   Iron gates can be custom designed, and come in a variety of decorative scrolls, curves, and accessories.  Iron gates add curb appeal, and can increase the value of your property.  Wrought iron is much heavier and stronger than the alternative, which is typically aluminum.


Wrought iron fencing provides an elegant, traditional look and can be used around gardens, patios, pools and around the perimeter of a home. There are a variety of styles for iron fencing, including: speared top, pickets and rails, curved, and ornamental.


Wrought iron guard rails are very durable, and can make the stairs leading up to a porch, front door, or inside stairway much safer.  The guard rail provides a steady handhold in icy, rainy or snowy conditions, which can prevent slip and fall accidents, and injuries.


Wrought iron entry doors are hand crafted and customized, with curves, angles, abstract, and geometric shapes that can be added to reflect the time period of your home, or your personality. An iron door will not rot, warp, or splinter and will last for decades.  Wrought iron doors can also serve as a security door on the outside of your main entry door.